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Rick Riordan's Worldwide Bestseller adapted to Graphic Novel Available October 2015

In this exciting second installment of the three-book series, teen magicians Carter and Sadie Kane embark on a worldwide search for the Book of Ra to prevent an ancient evil, the Serpent Apophis, from rising to the mortal world and swallowing the sun. Their cause is assisted by the Gods of Egypt and a host of trainee Initiates in an action-packed tale steeped in myth, monsters, and magic.

Work on Adaptation & Illustration is complete! The Throne of Fire Graphic Novel hits stores wherever books are sold October 6, 2015, published by Disney Hyperion Books. 160 pgs, full color.

-Orpheus Collar


Rick Riordan's Worldwide Bestseller adapted to NY Times Best-Selling Graphic Novel

The Red Pyramid Graphic Novel was fully adapted, illustrated, and colored by yours truly from the novel by Rick Riordan and is in stores wherever books are sold (particularly the big chains.) Two weeks on the New York Best-Sellers list! Thanks! Original Art now for sale at my store!

The Kane Chronicles is a series of young adult chapter books by Rick Riordan that follows brother-sister duo Carter and Sadie Kane as they discover ancestral ties to Ancient Egypt. Action, magic, even a bit of romance abound in this globe-hopping tale that introduces the Egyptian pantheon to a contemporary setting.

It was a true pleasure adapting the story to the comic book page: researching the history and locations, creating looks for the characters, acting out the scenes in my mirror and then on paper. Every page was drawn in pencil on 5 mil mylar with 4-6h pencils before being scanned and colored digitally. I hope to add a bit more on process later, but until then, Rick Riordan has a good process post on his blog.

-Orpheus Collar



With board-to-film comparisons

I've been doing a lot of storyboard art for advertising and animation, work you can view at my Services page.

Storyboards are an essential part of film and animation, allowing the story to be pre-visualized before cameras start rolling. The boards I do break into two types. Presentation boards are more high-polish and used by Agencies to sell a commercial concept to a client. Shooting boards are quicker, typically b&w illustrations that are more concerned with showing a Director's vision of what shall happen before the camera. Both involve close coordination with the Producers and Director of a given show.

-Orpheus Collar